How do I purchase?

I use a third party payment system called Stripe. It’s like a modern day PayPal. If you want to purchase anything, I’ll text you a Stripe link and you’ll fill out your info once. After that you’re in the system and you can purchase by simply texting “snoop dogg” or any other word that applies.

What about returns?

Please text me to ask about returns as the return policy will vary by product.

And shipping?

After a purchase, I will text you the tracking information. Most orders are fulfilled and delivered within 7 business days. Text me with any questions or requests regarding expedited shipping or address changes.

Are you going to spam me?

I will never spam you (unless I’m selling actual spam ironically, which could happen). This is why you have to opt in before our relationship begins. I need to know you want me.

If you have any more questions, just text me (646-759-0904). If you’re one of those old school peeps who likes to email, send it to s@stefanshead.com